A Song of Joy ~ Hope for the Believer

Copyright © 2017 by Michelle Lores


A song of joy rings loud and clear

From my lips today.

A song of joy no matter what

Happens to come my way.


For my Lord is in control

Of all that comes to be.

He has charge of everything

That is concerning me.


So when good things come to pass,

Or when bad things happen too,

I will lift a song of praise,

For I trust God’s Word is true!

“I know, Lord, You are using this

To make me more like You!”


“In Jesus’ Name, Amen.”





Romans 8:28-29 NASB

“And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those are called according to His purpose.  For those whom He foreknew, He also predestined to become conformed to the image of His Son, so that He would be the firstborn among many brethren; and these whom He predestined, He also called; and these whom He called, He also justified; and these whom He justified, He also glorified.”






Some days are just plain hard.


But you know what?


That’s the point, isn’t it?


We need hard days on this earth sometimes.




They teach us endurance, and God uses them to make us more like Jesus.


As we choose to cling to the Lord and praise Him even when times are hard, something happens in us.


A supernatural strength is born that cannot be taken away.


We, as God’s children, can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.

(Philippians 4:13)


Do you know what that means?


That means that with the strength of Jesus, we have the power to give thanks in EVERY circumstance.  To be content and full of joy no matter what!


That kind of power (2 Timothy 1:7) is ours in the Lord Jesus Christ.  That kind of power makes us unstoppable to do the will of God–to love others and obey Him no matter what!


So let us give thanks when various trials and hardships come our way.  They are a reason to rejoice, because God will use them in our lives to make us more like Jesus–to strengthen us in the power and love of our Savior and Lord.



Will you pray with me?:





“Dear Heavenly Father,


Thank You today for the trials I am going through.


Thank You that You are in control, and You are worthy of my trust.


You are so Good, Dear Lord.


That truth never changes, no matter what I go through.


Dear Lord, I pray for my brothers and sisters in Christ around the world.


I pray that as we endure hardship, You would increase our trust in You.


Work a powerful work in Your people, Dear Lord.


A work of contentment, trust, and joy–of power, love, and self-control NO MATTER WHAT.


No matter what happens to us, Lord, may we remember that it is our God that is in control, and we can trust You fully with our lives.


For what can man do to us?


Lord, help us see beyond today, beyond the now, beyond the present pain.


Help us see instead with eyes of faith what You are working in us.





Help us trust what we cannot see.

Help us, dear Lord, to believe.

Give us a hunger for Your Word, and the discipline to get into the Bible every day.

Help us, dear Lord to love each other and to pray.


Apart from You, we can do nothing, dear Lord. (John 15:5)




Thank You for the opportunity that is given to us every time we face trials and hard times.


May we take these opportunities to trust You instead of blame You, to grow and move forward instead of take steps backward by the power of Your Holy Spirit at work within us.


We love You, dear Lord!


In Jesus’ Name I pray,








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