Copyright © 2017 by Michelle Lores

Freedom is a gift–

In the USA, it is ours.

Freedom to worship God

And shine our light for Him as bright as the stars.

 But there is a bigger Gift

That all have been given–

A Gift for the entire world–

A Gift of freedom from death and sin.

Both gifts that have been offered–

In the USA and for all–

Came through a heavy price.

Blood was spilled to tear down a wall.

On July 4th we remember

As Americans, those who died for us.

As Christians, every day we remember

The Great Love and sacrifice of Jesus.

On July 4th, we celebrate freedom,

And we give thanks, too

For every man and woman

Who for freedom gave their lives for me and you.

We remember too the families

Who gave their loved ones up

That we may embrace our freedom,

That we may freely live lives of love.

As Christians, Freedom has an even greater meaning

That can’t be contained in a single country.

It is freedom for every boy and girl–

Every man and woman to know and see.

This freedom is so special–

But it wasn’t free.

It was paid for with the highest price–

Jesus’ blood on Calvary.

It is freedom from the power of sin and death

Available to all who come

To Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord–

It is for everyone!

This freedom is offered by God’s grace–

A Divine favor that cannot be earned.

For we all need God’s pardon–

We have all done wrong in thought, deed, and word.

My friend, this is such good news!

There is Someone to save us from our sin!

When we come to Jesus to ask His forgiveness,

We can begin again.

So this July 4th, may we rejoice

In all that we know is true.

We are free in the USA

And Jesus offers freedom to the whole world–including me and you!


“It is for Freedom Christ set us Free”

Copyright © 2017 by Michelle Lores

(Galatians 5:1)


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